A game called life, with Yu-kai Chou

In the first episode of A Call to Adventure, the official Octalysis Prime podcast, our guest is the creator of the Octalysis framework of gamification himself, Yu-kai Chou! The godfather of gamification has been playing the game of life for 35 years. Yu-kai’s Call to Adventure came at the age of 17, when he realised he had to go out and… fight monsters in real life. He went on to build one of the most popular frameworks in gamification, impacting over a billion unique user experiences around the world! What are some of the things we can learn from Yu-kai’s story?

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why Yu-kai decided to build the Octalysis framework and run a company on actionable gamification.
  • Some of his favourite games and what he has learned from them.
  • How the creator of Octalysis applies the framework in his own life.
  • How Yu-kai hopes Octalysis will impact and benefit your life.
  • How human motivation is at the core of Octalysis.
  • The biggest challenge Yu-kai faced in applying gamification at a professional level, and how empathy was key to overcoming this.
  • Yu-kai’s personal Call to Adventure for us!

You can learn more about Yu-kai Chou, the Octalysis framework, and how to level up your life by joining Octalysis Prime! Join now on bit.ly/joinOPnow

A Call to Adventure is the official Octalysis Prime podcast, hosted by Myrte and Antonis, two dedicated Primers who want to change your life through gamification!

Find out more about the podcast and keep an eye out for our next episode on podcast.octalysisprime.com


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