A Call to Adventure

Level up your life by listening to the official Octalysis Prime podcast!

A Call to Adventure is a podcast on gamification unlike any other. There are many ways to learn more about gamification and a few ways to practice it. One group that has an advantage on that however is a group of practitioners dedicated to applying the Octalysis framework in their lives.

Octalysis Prime is a real life RPG through which we’ve leveled up our personal and professional lives, and the community of hundreds of passionate professionals accompanying us on that journey, we felt the need to spread the word even further. That’s why we, Antonios Triantafyllakis and Myrte Verbaan, decided to host the official podcast of Octalysis Prime.

Every month we’re hosting a fellow Primer, learn from their story and get inspired by a new way to apply gamification in practice. Then it’s time for YOU to answer our Call to Adventure. Are you ready for the next level? Then join us every second Monday of the month and… PRIME ON!

Join Octalysis Prime now: bit.ly/joinOPnow

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  1. Myrte

    Wow I love this website. You can really see someone put a lot of effort, time, and love in building this. I bet the other person involved in this is feeling very grateful and also lucky to be working with this person.

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